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Our Story

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In the fall of 2019, Dominic and his father took a trip out to Baltimore and Washington DC. While on the trip, the two attended a Baltimore Orioles game where the gate giveaway was an orange Orioles blanket. After the trip had concluded, when Dominic returned home, he threw the new blanket on the living room couch and did not think anything of it.  

Two days later, a baseball game was the occasion once again, this time on the South Side of Chicago. Following the game, on the way home, a man was seen sleeping in the entryway of a business on Belmont Avenue in the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview. As he passed the man, a quick thought came across him that something needed to be done. As he returned home, the first thing he saw when he walked in, was the orange blanket. He grabbed the blanket, walked back to the man, and Chi Town Blankets was born.

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The gift of warmth is often overlooked in today's world. Thousands of people in Chicagoland do not have the resources to keep warm. Chi Town Blankets is a Chicago based humanitarian effort working tirelessly to warm up Chicago, one blanket at a time. Our vision is to ZERO OUT COLD. We cannot do it alone, but when humanity works as one, anything is possible.

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