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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chi Town Blankets?

- Chi Town Blankets is a 501.c.3 non profit organization that works tirelessly to warm up Chicago one blanket at a time. The team at CTB donates blankets to those in need on the streets of Chicago, as well as working with local shelters to meet their needs!

How can I donate blankets?

- Donations can be made via our Amazon and Target wish lists. The links to both of those lists are on the website homepage. 
- Blankets can be mailed or dropped off at the main Chi Town Blankets building.
- During certain times of year, blankets can also be dropped off at various drop off locations in the Chicagoland area.

Where can I send or drop off blankets?

- Blankets can be shipped or dropped off at our main building: 3249 N Seminary Ave, Apt #2 Chicago, IL 60657

- Blankets drop off locations change throughout the year. Please continue to check back frequently for updates. Current drop off locations are listed below...

     DVSN1: 113 E College Ave., Appleton, WI 54911

Are there size limitations for blanket donations?

- There is not a specific size limit for donations. However, we have found blankets that are 50” x 60” are best for transportation and most functional for those receiving blankets. The before mentioned size is big enough to cover a twin sized bed.

Do you accept used blankets?

- We accept new and gently used blankets. Please follow the donation guidelines (posted on the homepage) when donating. Once the blankets arrive to CTB headquarters, we wash the items again prior to distribution. 
- As a reminder, if the blanket is too used or worn for you, it is too used and worn for our friends in need. We are not a dump off location! Please discard your worn blankets properly. 

Do you accept monetary donations?

- Chi Town Blankets does accept monetary donations. Monetary donations can be sent in electronically via Venmo or PayPal. Links to both of those accounts can be found under the "Donations" section on the homepage of our website.

Once I donate, am I able to receive a donation receipt?

- Chi Town Blankets is a recognized 501.c.3 and can administer donation receipts. If you would like to request a donation receipt, please reach out to Josiah Boucher at

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