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Meet Our Team


Josiah Boucher

- Chief Financial Officer -

Josiah handles all of our financial and legal operations. When it comes to tax season, he makes sure our 501(c)(3) nonprofit is in good standing with the local and national government. When you make your donations, he is your the one who will issue your donation receipt for all qualifying donations. 

Joshua Buresh

- Director of Database Marketing -

When you contact Chi Town Blankets, Josh is most likely the first guy you talk to. Josh is in charge of all our communication with our donors. Answering all of your questions, organizing pick up/drop off times, and keeping us organized and efficient on the back end! 

Hack, Bobby.JPG

Robert Hack

- Director of Donor Relations -

Bobby is responsible for connecting and maintaining relationships with the people who keep Chi Town Blankets running, our donors and partners. He uses his passion and high energy to connect with you, and execute the details ensuring both the donor/partner and Chi Town Blankets benefit!  

Dominic Hillesheim

- President & CEO -

Dom created Chi Town Blankets in 2019 with one blanket and has developed the organization into a full-functioning 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Dom oversees the entire operation, but CTB wouldn't be what it is, if it weren't for the entire amazing team around him!

Izban, Drew.JPG

Andrew Izban

- Director of Social Media -

Drew is the voice of Chi Town Blankets, connecting with you and updating you on all of social channels. Drew captures content and organizes it in a way that is engaging and interesting making it easy for you all to read, share, rewteet, and like!

Abigail Jakubek

- Vice President of Operations -

Abbi oversees the entire CTB team and helps to manage just about everything related to our donation efforts! She works with our partners and manages all of our external volunteering and event participation. She also serves as our Chief Medical Officer, ensuring our blankets are clean and safe for distribution.

Jakubek Head Shot Final.png

Derick Plowden

- Director of Human Resources -

Derick is a vital member of the team overseeing the environment and culture at Chi Town Blankets. He ensures the team is safe, cared for, and operating at top speed mentally and emotionally. Derick works tirelessly to make CTB an inclusive place to be, ensuring our donation efforts reach people from all walks of life!

Jacqueline Stuckert

- Director of Community Engagement -

Jacki is our go to girl for connecting CTB with the community. She manages all of our outreach to shelters and organizations in the Chicago area. Jacki oversees our Shelter of the Month program and gets our blankets out to those who need them most!

Stuckert, Jacki.JPG

Jack Thode

- Director of Event Marketing -

Jack manages and plans all aspects of our Chi Town Blankets events. He was the leading force in the creation and marketing of the first annual Blitz the City event in 2021. A tribute to his efforts, the team donated over 1,000 blankets and raised over $5,000 in a single day as a part of Blitz the City.

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